Fitness and combat coach


Pat has 20 year’s experience in various martial arts. His journey in fitness and combat started when he took his now adult daughters to learn self defence. Starting in traditional Kung Fu then moving through Wing Chun and Thai Chi Pat decided he wanted to test what he was learning, so he started competing first in semi contact all styles competitions then full contact San Shou kickboxing matches.

Competing in full contact competition makes you reassess what you are learning and how you are training. This is when Pat really started to get serious with fitness and sought out clubs to learn more about combat sports. He started training in Muay Thai and Boxing at any club he could get to around his commitments as a single dad while working full time as a Paramedic. Pat also started increasing his knowledge around health fitness and nutrition and trained regularly both for combat sports and functional fitness.

Pat only fought for a few years before stopping to further his Paramedic studies. When the study was finished Pat began coaching Boxers then Kickboxers at Gawler Boxing Club then here at The Station Gym. Since this time his love for coaching has grown, he still coaches the combat athletes and also runs fitness classes and self defence.

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