Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  Remember if you can’t find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us.  All of our details are on the contact us tab at the top of the page.


Click on the Membership tab to see the prices of all of our membership packages.  Casual visits are charged at $15 for all 45-90 min classes (Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength, Express Boxing, Build & Tone, Stretching, Self Defence) and $10 for all 20-30 minute classes (Hells Bells, HIIT that, Half Hour Of Power, Power Circuit, Kids Class)

We are located in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. You can find us at the end of the Gawler Train Station car park, behind Sanders Fodder.  If you are standing in front of The Criterion Hotel in Gawler, looking at The Gawler Train Station, look to your left and you will see Sanders Fodder.  We are directly behind Sanders.

Our opening hours are

Monday: 6.30am – 7am & 9am-11am & 4.15pm – 8pm

Tuesday: 6.30am – 7am & 9am – 11am & 5pm – 8.30pm

Wednesday: 9am-11am & 4.15 – 8pm

Thursday: 6.30am – 7am & 9 – 11am & 5am – 8.30pm

Friday: 6.30am – 7am & 9-11am & 4.15pm – 8pm

Saturday: 8.30am – 11am

Please note the 6.30am – 7am we are open for only 30 minutes for a class.  If you’d like to book an appointment here. We would be more than happy to discuss Personal Training and Coaching outside of these opening hours.

Yes you do.  The easiest way is to book via the Glofox app or our website.  If these are not an option for you please call or message Kirsty on 0401 013 189 and we can discuss other possible options.

Yes you can.  You are free to use any equipment during our opening hours as long as there are no classes running.

Bring a water bottle (we do have a water fountain) and a towel.  If you have your own equipment i.e. gloves, wraps, lifting wraps etc you are welcome to bring them along. If you are doing boxing/kickboxing you will also need hand wraps and a mouth guard for any full contact classes.  We also use protective gear like shin guard but we do have some you can lend if you need.

No unfortunately we don’t.  We do offer designated areas for children to sit and watch and many of our classes your kids can even train with you.  Check out our free week and see how your kids go or even claim a free week for them too and try training together.  We also have FREE wifi.

Yes we can.  Just ask us when you are in or email admin@thestationgym.com.au and we can organise one for you.  We are also registered for GST.

We all feel nervous when we start somewhere new.  Here are some of our top tips on how to overcome them new gym feels.

  • Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and you will get a good idea of what to expect.  We have loads of content and videos of classes and the people.
  • Make an appointment here to come and see the gym, meet our trainers and get familiar with it all before you start.
  • Bring a friend for your first few sessions.  They can get a free week here and having a training buddy can help keep you motivated too.
  • Remember we all started out as the newbie and once you start training it really is all about you.  No one has time to look at what everyone else is doing because they are busy working on themselves.


Yes.  We have excellent value memberships starting at just $20 a week!  All memberships have a once off $50 joining fee but include unlimited* classes a week.

*Note Express membership includes unlimited 20-30 minute classes a week.  Full memberships include ALL classes.

No.  None of our memberships are lock in contracts, we just require 30 day notice to shut down your account.  You are welcome to continue to use the gym up until the last payment comes out.

We just require your 30 day notice in writing to start organising your cancellation.  You can do this by popping in and signing a form, sending an email from the account we have on file for you or sending a text message from the number we have on file for you.

We offer 1 FREE suspension a year of up to 6 weeks for any reason.  After that suspensions will cost $50 and be a maximum of 3 months.  Please note we are happy to discuss longer periods if you have a valid reason.  Chat to Kirsty or Pat if you have any concerns or special circumstances.

Yes you can.  Our 45 -90 minute classes cost $15 casually and our 20-30 minute classes cost $10 casually. You can also purchase a credit pack here and pay for 10 sessions up front and receive 2 for FREE.

Express memberships include ALL 20-30 minutes classes and gym use.  Full Memberships include ALL classes and gym use.  We also offer free programming and nutritional guidance for all financial members in the gym.  These services are also offered to casual members at an additional fee.

Yes.  Check out our family memberships here.  For quotes for work groups or sporting groups contact us here or talk to Kirsty on 0401 013 189.

Express memberships you can do unlimited 20-30 minute classes and with our Full Memberships you can do unlimited classes.


Yes we have 2 unisex toilets and 4 showers.  We sometimes disconnect the gas if the hot water is not being used so flick us a message on 0401 013 189 if you need to use the showers and we will make sure that they are on.

Yes we have wheelchair access.  If you are planning on coming in a wheel chair please let us know prior to your visit as our downstairs area is accessible through a door that is not always open.  If we know you are coming we will open it up for you.  If you arrive and it is not open please call 0401 012 189

We have 21 Punching Bags, Floor to Ceiling, Speedball, Uppercut Bags and a Clinching Bag.  A full size competition boxing ring. 3 Power Racks, Olympic Bars, Trap Bar and Bumpers.  Free weights, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Wall Balls, Tractor Tyres, Battling Ropes, Slam Balls, Bulgarian Bags, Sledge Hammers. Rowers & Spin Bikes.  Large open matted space.  Pull up bars, bands, Torsonator, Swiss Balls and more….


Yes you do.  The easiest way is to book via the Glofox app or our website.  If these are not an option for you please call or message Kirsty on 0401 013 189 and we can discuss other possible options.

All 20-30 minute classes cost $10 and all 45min plus classes are $15.  We offer great credit packs here. If you pay for 10 sessions up front you 2 FREE classes.

No not in our non-contact classes.  You may taught to hold focus mitts, or do non-contact partner drills.  If you don’t want to hold pads you can just work on a bag instead.  All full contact sessions are either separate classes or your coach will ask who wants to do full contact and who wants to do non-contact.  All children under the age of 18 will need a parents written permission BEFORE doing any full contact sessions.

Comfortable clothes that you can move freely in.  No jeans or restrictive clothing.  We are a community gym so please no offensive clothing.  Appropriate footwear although we allow bare foot training in some classes.  If you have boxing boots or lifting shoes you can wear those too.  Remember a hair tie or bandana if you have long hair.

All of our classes start with a warm up except our express classes which we encourage you to come and jump on a bike, a rower or a skipping rope to warm up.  Our workouts are always written on the white board so if there is anything you don’t know how to do or can’t do you can chat to the instructor before you start.  The trainer will explain the class before you start and let you know what equipment you need.

Once the workout starts there will be one or more instructors moving around correcting form or giving you tips or motivation.  You can always ask for modifications or help if you need it.

After the class you are welcome to do some stretching or a cool down off to the side while our next class warms up.  We encourage people to have a chat and get to know the people you train with.

Most injuries we can work around and have even had people joining in sitting on a chair or in a wheel chair.  With all our years’ experience we are very good at modifying exercises and workouts to be able to accommodate most injuries.  If you have serious or substantial injuries we may ask you for a letter from your doctor or specialist and work with them to come up with a plan.

We will do our best to help modify classes however if anything ever feels wrong let us know as soon as possible and we can check form and give you something else to do if needed.

We do offer designated areas for children to sit and watch and many of our classes your kids can even train with you.  Check out our free week and see how your kids go or even claim a free week for them too and try training together.  We also have FREE wifi.

Our classes are designed to be adapted to all fitness levels.  We  are also always changing the format and exercises meaning that they prevent adaptation. They are designed to keep your body guessing and keep you pushing your boundaries.  We can always modify classes by using heavier weights, increasing reps, decreasing rest time and adding in active rest if you feel like you’re not working hard enough.

No need to worry!  We can modify any class to accommodate all fitness levels or injuries you might have.  Have a quick chat with one of our trainers when you arrive or contact us here and we can give you a call and discuss any worries you may have.

Absolutely not!  The Station is full of normal people with lots of different body shapes and goals! Remember the journey is as important as the destination.

It’s totally fine to step aside for a few moments to catch your breaths or grab a quick drink.  If anything doesn’t feel right or you’re not quite ready for the intensity we can modify all our classes to suite where you are at.  You could also book a few half hour one on one sessions to help you feel more comfortable before you start.  Book with one of or trainers here.


NO.  The free week is a no obligation come and try week long membership.  If at the end of the week you don’t love training at The Station you will not have to cancel or be locked into a membership.

  1. We do send some emails and we suggest that you subscribe to the marketing emails as that is how we let you know about upcoming events and share some great tips and advice with you. You will receive welcome emails and booking/payment confirmations also.

After your free week if you don’t get a membership next time you book for a class the app will ask for your bank details and it will charge you the casual rate.  If you would like a membership head to the membership tab and get started.

Absolutely not!  We will not ask for any banking details unless you purchase a  membership or make an in app purchase.


There are a few reasons why we charge extra.  Firstly we include reports and we need to lodge invoices every time you train, this takes time.  Secondly the sessions often require more planning or sometimes need to take place outside of our normal operating hours.  Finally these customised sessions are paid directly to our trainers who then pay their own insurance, GST and tax.

Yes.  We are happy to invoice your service provider after your session or provide you with a tax invoice.

Yes.  We charge for the time you book us for.  For example if you book for an hour but only do 40 minutes you still pay for the hour.  The reason for this is simple, we block out that time for you and don’t book any other PT’s in.  If you can’t finish the whole session though we are happy to do some stretching, relaxation or even just spend some time chatting with you.

Yes you can.  We like to sit down with you before you come in and come up with a plan that has everything you want in it.  Just be aware sometimes we won’t be able to change mid sessions.  For example lifting after stretching could increase your risk of injury.

Can I stay longer if I want to? The shortest PT sessions we do is generally 30 minutes, however with very young children or beginners we can start with 20 minutes.  90 minutes is usually the maximum session we offer especially for one on one training as anything over that causes too much fatigue.

You should discuss this with your service provider or check out this link  here.  In our experience some equipment (especially specialised equipment) can be claimed on you NDIS.

Yes.  In fact we even allow carers to participate in classes of free if they are supporting someone.  We aim to provide you with all the tools to succeed including having the appropriate support network with you.

Yes it is.  If you are coming please let us know in advance if you need wheelchair access.  For upstairs access is through the front door.  Downstairs access if via the side door.  We will make sure the side door is open if we know you are coming.  Please note that the driveway and access areas are gravel but it is hard gravel not soft.

The short answer is yes we will do our very best to accommodate you in any classes.  We are a full free weights gym and so some classes may not be suitable or safe for everyone but we can definitely get you in and do our best to find a way to support you in whatever classes you are interested in.

Yes if your plan has the following goals in it. Social and community participation, Health and wellbeing, Relationships, Choice and control.  If you don’t have these goals feel free to contact us and we can sit down with you and work out if you are eligible to use your NDIS funding.