The Station gym is proud to work with NDIS clients.  We welcome you to come and be a part of our community.  We have been helping all people access strength and fitness, combat sports and self-defence for many years.  We understand that sometimes we all need a tailored approach to life and that is what we want to provide you with.

Whether you are looking for small classes, one on one training or support in our open classes we can help you and your family or care team tailor your path to increased confidence, health and fitness.  To book a complimentary meet and greet click here.  We can meet you when the gym is nice and quiet or when we are closed so you can look around and ask all the questions you need.  We know how important the little details can be!

As well as providing support we also offer weekend and school holiday programs, workshops and customised small group sessions by appointment.

Kirsty and Pat have many years’ experience and both have working with children and police clearances.  Kirsty is the mother of a child with autism and an acquired brain injury.  She also works as a support worker. Pat is an intensive care paramedic and offers support work and is qualified to work with people with some pre-existing medical conditions.

We have a good grasp on how the NDIS runs and are happy to sit down with you and co-ordinate with any other therapists to get you the best possible outcome within the goals of your NDIS plan.

NDIS funding CAN be used to pay for your session at The Station Gym if you have the following goals in your plan

  • Social and community participation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Choice and control

Here is an example of how to link your combat training to your funding category goal:

Activity: I want to join in the kids class

Goal: To make new friends (social participation) and take part in my community (community participation).


Activity: I want to learn to lift weights

Goal: I want to feel stronger and fitter (Health and Wellbeing) and try something new (Choice and Control).

Our mainstream classes are friendly, welcoming and diverse. Depending on the class we often have an extra trainer floating around who can help anyone needing a little extra guidance and support.

As well as our combat and fitness programs we also offer Self Defence.  Although we would all love to think we don’t need it, it is a skill that may one day save yours or your loved ones lives.  We use simple, basic techniques that are easy to remember when in  a stressful situation.  We make these sessions fun, easy to follow and scale them to your level and abilities.

Check out what some of our current clients have to say about their experience at The Station Gym!











There are a few reasons why we charge extra.  Firstly we include reports and we need to lodge invoices every time you train, this takes time.  Secondly the sessions often require more planning or sometimes need to take place outside of our normal operating hours.  Finally these customised sessions are paid directly to our trainers who then pay their own insurance, GST and tax.

Yes.  We are happy to invoice your service provider after your session or provide you with a tax invoice.

Yes.  We charge for the time you book us for.  For example if you book for an hour but only do 40 minutes you still pay for the hour.  The reason for this is simple, we block out that time for you and don’t book any other PT’s in.  If you can’t finish the whole session though we are happy to do some stretching, relaxation or even just spend some time chatting with you.

Yes you can.  We like to sit down with you before you come in and come up with a plan that has everything you want in it.  Just be aware sometimes we won’t be able to change mid sessions.  For example lifting after stretching could increase your risk of injury.

The shortest PT sessions we do is generally 30 minutes, however with very young children or beginners we can start with 20 minutes.  90 minutes is usually the maximum session we offer especially for one on one training as anything over that causes too much fatigue.

You should discuss this with your service provider or check out this link  here.  In our experience some equipment (especially specialised equipment) can be claimed on you NDIS.

Yes.  In fact we even allow carers to participate in classes of free if they are supporting someone.  We aim to provide you with all the tools to succeed including having the appropriate support network with you.

Yes it is.  If you are coming please let us know in advance if you need wheelchair access.  For upstairs access is through the front door.  Downstairs access if via the side door.  We will make sure the side door is open if we know you are coming.  Please note that the driveway and access areas are gravel but it is hard gravel not soft.

The short answer is yes we will do our very best to accommodate you in any classes.  We are a full free weights gym and so some classes may not be suitable or safe for everyone but we can definitely get you in and do our best to find a way to support you in whatever classes you are interested in.