At TSG we offer some weekend and School Holiday Workshops.  These workshops are aimed at individuals, families and carers.  Our workshops range from fun holiday sessions to burn off some energy to potentially lifesaving skills like self-defence.

These groups are generally small groups with two or more instructors to help keep sessions moving smoothly.  Check out individual workshops on our calendar below or download the printable pdf for number of students, instructors, time, price etc.  Some programs allow carers and/or parents to support students within the class and some require a certain level of independence.  If you like the sound of the workshops but don’t think you will be able to participate feel free to contact us and we can set you up with a customised coachingsession.

Our family workshops are made for the whole family.  They teach skills and games that can play together and offer ideas on finding fun, physical opportunities to interact as a family.

  • Create a safe place to learn and train
  • Provide unity
  • Boost confidence & connection
  • Have fun with the whole family

We also offer workshops for parents and carers to provide you with ideas for fitness, boxing, kickboxing and self-defence and self-safety.  These workshops will give you  practical skills to use with your children and clients to encourage movement and safety in the community.  If your workplace or mothers group would like to arrange a time to do a small group training please feel free to email us at admin@thestationgym.com.au

Once you have found a workshop or session you are interested in make sure you click the register button right away to secure your position.  Some of these sessions fill up very quickly.  Once you have registered please make sure you keep an eye out for your conformation email or SMS.  In this message we will ask you some important questions to make sure that we do everything in our power to make it a positive experience.  We can invoice you directly or invoice your plan manager.  Some courses require payment before the course starts to secure your spot.  The reason we do this is because we must have enough staff to run the workshops and to avoid no shows and other families missing out.

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There are a few reasons why we charge extra.  Firstly we include reports and we need to lodge invoices every time you train, this takes time.  Secondly the sessions often require more planning or sometimes need to take place outside of our normal operating hours.  Finally these customised sessions are paid directly to our trainers who then pay their own insurance, GST and tax.

Yes.  We are happy to invoice your service provider after your session or provide you with a tax invoice.

Yes.  We charge for the time you book us for.  For example if you book for an hour but only do 40 minutes you still pay for the hour.  The reason for this is simple, we block out that time for you and don’t book any other PT’s in.  If you can’t finish the whole session though we are happy to do some stretching, relaxation or even just spend some time chatting with you.

Yes you can.  We like to sit down with you before you come in and come up with a plan that has everything you want in it.  Just be aware sometimes we won’t be able to change mid sessions.  For example lifting after stretching could increase your risk of injury.

The shortest PT sessions we do is generally 30 minutes, however with very young children or beginners we can start with 20 minutes.  90 minutes is usually the maximum session we offer especially for one on one training as anything over that causes too much fatigue.

You should discuss this with your service provider or check out this link  here.  In our experience some equipment (especially specialised equipment) can be claimed on you NDIS.

Yes.  In fact we even allow carers to participate in classes of free if they are supporting someone.  We aim to provide you with all the tools to succeed including having the appropriate support network with you.

Yes it is.  If you are coming please let us know in advance if you need wheelchair access.  For upstairs access is through the front door.  Downstairs access if via the side door.  We will make sure the side door is open if we know you are coming.  Please note that the driveway and access areas are gravel but it is hard gravel not soft.

The short answer is yes we will do our very best to accommodate you in any classes.  We are a full free weights gym and so some classes may not be suitable or safe for everyone but we can definitely get you in and do our best to find a way to support you in whatever classes you are interested in.

Got more questions? Check out our FAQ’s page or contact us.  We would love to hear from you.